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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning in Hernendo, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough, counties is a service CoolQuest specializes in. Call our trained professionals and have them come out and evaluate the quality of air in your home. You will not only have better air quality, you will find that clean units help cut back on the maintenance of your system […]

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Duct Cleaning in Hernendo, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties is something most people do not do often enough. If better air quality is important to you, duct cleaning is a mandatory service. CoolQuest Air Conditioning and Repair have 77 years of combined experience in the heating and cooling industry. Duct cleaning in Hernando is something […]

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Free AC Service Call with Repair

CoolQuest AC repairs and service are prompt and reliable. We provide consistent quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 100% financing is available. Our service plan members are responded to in priority even in our heaviest season of call times.

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Tampa A/C Repair

Use a qualified Tampa Air Conditioning technician to repair your cooling problem and identify the best solution for you. 

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Home Air Conditioning Service Florida

Providing Air Conditioning to the citizens of Central Florida is a service that CoolQuest is proud to provide.

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Hernando and Pasco get your Air Conditioner Tune-up Today

CoolQuest Tune-Up’s provides routine maintenance and inspection to ensure properly functioning equipment. No one wants to deal with system failures. Now you can avoid major repairs by having CoolQuest check your system on a regular basis.

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Spring Hill, FL has a population of about 94,995 citizens. CoolQuest services your area and will service all your AC needs. Air Conditioning is a commodity in this fast growing community and the experts at CoolQuest are ready to provide quality air conditioning service to you.

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Honeywell Air Conditioning Programable Wireless Systems installed by CoolQuest

In Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas or Hillsborough Counties Honeywell RedLINK Wireless System is the way to go. How would you like to control your home temperature from where ever you are? Be alerted if your system is not running correctly, the advantages are.

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Spring Hill Air Conditioning Repair vs. Maintenance

Giving your air conditioner regular maintenance and tune ups is necessary to extend its useful life, lower your electricity bills and a reduction of greenhouse gasses. Studies of American citizens spend a massive 11 million dollars on home cooling costs. 5% of all electricity is used to power our air conditioners.

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Most people have spring cleaning rituals. Cleaning carpets, turning the mattresses, airing out upholstery… seasonal cleaning of your home AC system should be on the list as well. Cool Quest recommends as part of your spring cleaning is to have us come out to make sure that your air conditioner, vents and ducts are in […]

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