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AC Load Calc

Does your AC Company provide you with the right size unit?  The AC or Air Conditioning portion of your home HVAC system is generally made up of 2 main components. An outdoor condensing unit, or condenser, and an indoor evaporator coil, commonly referred to as your air handler since it’s shaped like the letter A. […]

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Does Flooding Hurt the HVAC?

With all the rain across the state of FL, Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, and Hillsborough residents are going to be faced with a new enemy of their home HVAC systems, flooding and mold! Our Air Conditioning units are outside and exposed to the weather year round, but what about sustained exposure to something as devastating as […]

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Save money on you Air Conditioning Expense in the HOT summer months!

CoolQuest wants to give you some tips to save money on your utility bill in the HOT summer months at the peak of your Air Conditioning usage. We all love our central air conditioning, especially in these hot summer months. With temperatures soaring, we all are looking for a cool and comfortable retreat, but what […]

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Do you have mold?

Research and numerous studies have established that molds are responsible for a wide range of health hazards that vary in severity and intensity. In order to curb these hazardous effects, one needs to eliminate every form of mold growth in the home. So how do you achieve total elimination of molds? The answer to these […]

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Looking to save MONEY?

Who is not looking to save some money these days? One of the best ways to do just that is to make the most out of what you already have. Major appliances tend to be a big investment, and aren’t always doable when we may need them. Air conditioners are no different. CoolQuest wants to […]

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Residential Electrical Contractor Florida

Residential Electrical Contractor Florida Residential Electrical Contractor Florida – Even newer homes with adequate grounding and modern wiring must still be regularly inspected to verify that the grounding components are properly in place and all wiring is fully insulated.

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Electrical Repair

It is always recommended that for any aspect of electrical repair or replacement in a home or business setting, the services of a qualified electrical contractor be obtained. Without the proper certification that can only be performed by a licensed electrical contractor, needless risks are incurred. For those that rent properties, homeowners, real estate agents, […]

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Electrical Services Upgrades

Accidents caused by electricity normally occur due to poor workmanship or seeking substandard electrical installation services.   If you take it upon yourself to hire unlicensed and unqualified electricians to handle your internal systems such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC you are just inviting issues.  Improper installation of electrical outlets and devices, ceiling fans and wiring can […]

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Need Electrical Work in Spring Hill Fl

Are you considering doing some electrical work either in your home or business? It important to ensure that you are seeking the services of licensed Florida Electrical contractor. Electrical installations are not a job that you would just assign to any person! Amateurs would do nothing but just cause more problems to the situation since […]

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Plugs sparking in your home

You’ll know it’s time for an upgrade if your panel is: Too Small! If you’re experiencing frequent fuse blowouts or tripping circuits your home or building may need a larger electric panel to handle the amount of power flowing into it.

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