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Prolonging the Life of your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Prolonging the life of our heating and air conditioning systems is something that we all want to do, especially since times are tough and we’re all looking for new ways to save money. Replacing or upgrading a heating or air conditioning system can be a pricey endeavor, so it makes sense that more and more […]

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Why doesn’t my dryer drum tumble?

There are a few things that will keep the drum from tumbling, the belt being broken or slipping badly, the motor being seized, or worn support parts.

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Wiring that’s been re-muddled in your Pasco County Florida Home

The most common way that existing, well installed electrical systems are made unsafe is by amateur modifications. If you’ve seen evidence that your home’s electrical system has been extended or changed by previous owners, then have us take a look at it.

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Why is there no heat in my dryer?

Answer: If your dryer is not getting any heat, you need to make sure there is nothing blocking the front of the dryer. Air flow is the key to efficient drying. Make sure the dryer settings are appropriate for the clothes you want to dry.

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Wiring that just doesn’t work

If you have electrical switches or outlets that just do not work, then there may be a reason for it inside your walls. It’s possible that the switch or outlet was deliberately disconnected, but normally, a blank plate would be used to cover the electrical box if that were the case.

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Wiring that looks scary?

Wiring that looks scary often is scary. If your system is old and dirty, then it’s not a bad idea to have it reviewed by professionals. If you’re seeing corrosion on your wires or electrical equipment, then it’s a serious problem. It can lead to overheating and to fire, and you should call in an electrical contractor […]

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Air Conditioning Maintenance, do you really need that?

You have your car serviced at regular intervals. Why not your air conditioning system, after all you depend on it to keep you comfortable in those hot and humid days. Without regular maintenance an air conditioner looses about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. The average lifespan of each air conditioning system is […]

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Is your home heater not working properly?

Repairing or replacing your A/C or Heating system can be stressful. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. There are a lot of concerns about who to hire, such as are they professional, honest, fair, will they show up on time, will they guarantee their work etc?

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6 signs your washing machine needs to be repaired

The washer makes excessive noise. If you’re hearing a ton of noise while washing your underwear, socks and other apparel, your washer may be off balance. Try rearranging the clothes so they’re evenly dispersed.

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How to Winterize a Central Air Conditioning Condenser

The winter months are fast approaching, and, if you live in an area prone to cold weather, even in Florida it is time to prepare your home for the frigid air.

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