6 signs your washing machine needs to be repaired

The washer makes excessive noise. If you’re hearing a ton of noise while washing your underwear, socks and other apparel, your washer may be off balance. Try rearranging the clothes so they’re evenly dispersed. If, after several attempts, rearranging clothes is not successful, try moving the washer so it’s level and as close to the floor as possible. If this doesn’t help, your drum or motor mount may be loose. The fix itself is easy, but accessing the drum or mount is tricky. You may want to call ApplianceQuest repair service.

Water doesn’t fill the drum. If the water isn’t filling up, there are many possible causes, such as a kink in your hose, a delayed cycle selection or the hot and cold water faucets not being turned on. A clogged filter or a water intake valve may be to blame. When addressing these issues does not correct the problem, you may want to seek professional assistance Call ApplianceQuest today.

The drum isn’t turning. If the drum isn’t spinning, try checking the belts and the lid switch. While the belt is fairly easy to replace, the lid switch is another story. This part requires a great deal of work to replace. If you’re not completely sure how to do so, contact ApplianceQuest.

Water remains in the drum. Once the laundry finishes its cycle, there should not be any remaining water. Check to see if clothing has tangled up and blocked the pump. You also may want to evaluate the drain hose for clogs. If these aren’t the problem, the cause may be your water pump. Replacing a pump isn’t a simple task and is best left to the professionals at ApplianceQuest.

You don’t know what’s wrong. If you have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with your washer, call ApplianceQuest. The inner workings of your washer are composed of many intricate components. If you’re not 100 percent sure what the problem is, you’re likely wasting your time. Dave our Appliance expert will determine the problem quickly and may save you money. Not to mention, you may make the problem worse.

The machine needs electrical work. Any electrical work or wiring is best left to the pros. It’s dangerous for a person who is not professionally trained to work on these issues. Plus, electrical or wiring malfunction can lead to significant damage.

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