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Does your AC Company provide you with the right size unit?  

The AC or Air Conditioning portion of your home HVAC system is generally 
made up of 2 main components. An outdoor condensing unit, or condenser, and 
an indoor evaporator coil, commonly referred to as your air handler since 
it’s shaped like the letter A. Since the components are located in different
areas, it’s commonly called a central air conditioner.

In Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and Hillsborough area, the size of a central 
air conditioner for your Florida home is going to depend on many factors! 
Aside from the square footage of your home itself, there are several 
important characteristics of your home and the surrounding landscape that 
must be taken into consideration before an accurate central ac size is 
Most residential central AC units are available in sizes from 1.5 tons to 5 
tons of cooling capacity. If you need more than a single 5 ton system, you 
will likely need two smaller systems instead, which can be matched to work 
more efficiently than one single large unit anyhow.

Even though we estimate the size you need for your home size as a basic 
measure of the system you may need, a trained HVAC contractor needs to 
perform a thorough HVAC Load Calculation on your home to be sure you are 
getting the right size system installed! 
Even on standard unit replacements, you should insist that the contractor 
perform a load calculation and provide you with the results.
CoolQuest will always give you the proper paper for you to look over so you
know what you are getting is the correct size unit for your home.
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