What Are the Dangers of Turning on the Electricity After a Flood?

Your electrical system should be thoroughly checked and repaired by an electrician.

When electrical current flows, it follows a circuit that ultimately returns to its source. Most power circuits are connected to the earth (or “earth grounded”) at some point. When an accidental connection between a different point in the circuit and the earth is made, a shortcut (or “short circuit”) is created for the current to flow into.

Water is a good conductor of electricity. Dealing with electricity after a flood is much like dropping an electrical device into a full bathtub and stepping into that tub. In a situation like this, touching an energized circuit at any point other than the “earth ground” point makes it possible for your body to become the short cut or “short circuit” that the current will take. When that happens, shock or electrocution occurs. Does this spark and idea? 

Electrical Dangers during a Flood

Even if floodwaters aren’t high enough to reach electrical outlets, standing in a flooded basement is still a hazard. Current from electric motors in the furnace and other appliances may travel through the water. Electric appliances that have become wet should never be turned on—they may cause electrocution, overheat or start a fire. Electrical sparks also have the potential to ignite natural gas if it is already leaking.

When to Call a Professional

If you are unsure about the dangers involved in turning off electricity when water is near, seek the advice of a professional electrician. It’s crucial to recognize that the main circuit breaker will not shut off the wires that run from the main panel breakers to your home’s electric meter. If you are concerned that floodwaters may reach the electrical entrance box, first call your power supplier and request that the electrical supply to the building be disconnected. Do not have it turned on unless a professional is present!

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