Get your Air Conditioner Tune-up Today in Pasco County Fl.

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Get your Air Conditioner Tune-up Today in Pasco County Fl. – CoolQuest Tune-Up’s provides routine maintenance and inspection to ensure properly functioning equipment. No one wants to deal with system failures. Now you can avoid major repairs by having CoolQuest check your system on a regular basis.

Service includes cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking the electrical system of the unit, oiling of fan motors, checking all the belts, checking system operating pressures and thermostat performance.

Checking the Freon gas is very vital too. Freon gas is essentially the most important item that allows the A/C to cool the home, since this gas acts as the coolant for your unit. An air conditioner low on coolant will perform well below its potential. Freon has been categorized a greenhouse gas and getting a refill in a leaky A/C unit is prohibited. Make sure the unit has no gas leaks since this can lead to both Government penalties and environmental damage. In addition, never ask the repairmen to violate this law otherwise they can lose their license.

To ensure proper working replace your old air filters with new ones ensuring good quality. Wash the filters regularly and replace them when the occasion demands it. Also avoid closing air supply outlets in your home, because this is harmful for the operation of the cooling system.

When the air conditioning unit runs for long hours it requires routine checkups and maintenance. Even the most reliable A/C’s require a regular checkup to ensure there are no FREON leaks, damaged or malfunctioning parts and the unit is performing at optimal potential.

Modern Eco friendly devices are more reliable and their complex design allows them to have a longer life, fewer maintenance checkups and consume less power. Once your unit has lived out its life, be sure to replace with an eco friendly unit.

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