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Home Energy Audit-If you’re like most homeowners, you’re pressed for time to make energy-efficiency improvements, but lowering energy bills is also a priority.

There’s good news: An energy audit offers homeowners a targeted way to pinpoint areas of the home that are contributing to significant energy losses. In fact, a professional home energy audit goes well beyond what a do-it-yourself audit can produce, by putting a few high-tech tools to good use.

When you contact you electric company to schedule an energy audit, they will arrive at your door ready to use these three tools:

  • Blower door test – This test measures airflow through your home, allowing the technician to gauge the actual airflow and pressure through your home against ideal levels. The blower door test consists of a fan installed on an exterior door. During cooler weather, the fan draws air out of the home, creating a depressurized home, allowing outside air to flow in through leaks. During warmer weather, the depressurized home draws inside air out. To ensure accurate results, the latter test must be conducted when there’s little wind.
  • Thermal imaging scan – This test is most often performed in conjunction with the blower door test, which exaggerates air leaks. The thermal imaging device may use video or take still pictures of air movement. Either way, the device allows the technician to see air leaks, as well as areas of the home where insulation is lacking.
  • Flow hood device – Typically used to measure the rate of airflow at the registers, a flow hood device gauges airflow while the HVAC system’s air handler is running, useful for measuring the flow of air into each room, as well as checking airflow balance. Using the results of the flow hood test, the technician compares the measurements at each supply and return register, making improvements such as sealing ducts or adjusting airflow at the air handler itself.

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