The CoolQuest Satisfaction Guarantee

At CoolQuest, we are determined to see to it that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with the services done in their homes. Here are just some of the ways we work to make sure that you get exactly the service you’re looking for.


Every Part, Every Time

Many air conditioning units in Florida see a lot of use, and that’s why CoolQuest has a comprehensive checklist to make sure your unit is functioning properly. From lubricating parts and checking the amp flow to cleaning coils and examining every duct we can possibly get to, we check for everything we possibly can and provide a written evaluation complete with any recommendations that we might have. It’s easy for a small problem to become a big one here in Florida, and that’s why CoolQuest checks every part, every time.

Fixed Right or Free

Here at CoolQuest, an incorrect job is an unacceptable job. When we service your unit, we see to it that it’s done right the first time – or you don’t have to pay a thing. No matter how large or how small the job, if it fails any time during the operating season after we’ve fixed it, we’ll repair it again at no charge to you. That’s the promise CoolQuest makes to you: it’s fixed right, or it’s free.

Our Warranties

We guarantee more than just the one repair, however. At CoolQuest, certain repairs are guaranteed for a full two years after the job we do, and we’ll fix it free during regular business hours (after hours rates may apply, depending on the job and the time we’re called). Don’t be afraid to ask one of our associates about which repairs are given our absolute assurance of quality. Even more than that, though, our parts and labor are guaranteed for three years on all repairs. We take our determination to do the right job seriously, and we provide warranties to make sure that you get precisely the quality of service that you’re paying for.

The CoolQuest Commitment

We are committed to offering you only the best; same-day service at competitive pricing, any time of day and any day of the year. From making sure that we check every part, every time to our outstanding warranties and guaranteed repairs, we want to be sure that you are satisfied in every way. We’ll do what needs to be done, and we’ll be there when you need us.
That’s the CoolQuest Commitment.

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